Naruto Senki 2.0 Mod APK For Android Newest Version - Naruto Senki 2.0 Mod APK is a game which is adapted from the Naruto Movie. That movie tells about a boy who has a dream to be real Ninja. Naruto Senki is an adventure Arcade game with Ninja as the characters as you see in Naruto Serial Movie. In this game there are so many characters and will be updated more. And no one think that this game is really love by many players in the world.

In this game, you must choose one of your favourite hero, for instance Tobirama Senju, as he is easy to play. When playing this game, you are not playing by yourself only, instead you will be accompanied by two Ninjas which is defined randomly. But it is possible for you to choose as you prefer, of course there is a condition you must fullfill. You must go to be Hardcore mode. In short, this game will be 3 vs 3 battle.

Naruto senki 2.0 mod apk  android

Naruto Senki 2.0 Mod APK Game For Android

Based on some people who played this game, this game provide the best Naruto characters. Moreover, the characters shown in 2D style with Base Tower Strategy to protect our village. And the main character in this game varys and will be updated regularly. Each character has their prior skills.

This game is the newest version in the format of Mod Apk and created by Cevrin Dio. You will be amazed by the many characters that you can play. So, it can guarantee you that you won’t be borring at all, instead you will love this so much. It’s really fun to play it.

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The system

Training Mode: In this kind of training, you can choose one of the available ninja character. And later, in the battle arena you will have two ninja as your friends. You and your friends must beat your opponent.

Hardcore Mode: Different with the training above, in this type you will be able only choose your hero and your friends by your preference. Sure, the opponent you have will be more difficult to beat.

The Characters

If you want to have great hero, you can choose Tobirama Senju, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Minato, Sasuke Uciha.

Game Info:

Name : Naruto Senki 2.0
Versi : 2.0
Android : 4.0 +
More Info: Google Play

Naruto Senki 2.0 Mod APK Free Download

Naruto Senki 2.0 Mod APK For Android Newest Version

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