Ninja Heroes 1.7.7 Mod Apk MEGA MOD + GOLD For Android - Ninja Heroes 1.7.7 Mod Apk,  The type of this game belongs to RPG. It is originally released about a year ago by Red Game Studio. Because of the interesting features inside, this game now growing up and has been played by many game lovers around the world. Even this is free, but it offers good animation for its graphic. The main characters is adapted from Naruto.

Ninja hereos mod apk game

Ninja Heroes Mod Apk For Android

Recently the company give update for his new version. Now you can participate to the Clan War. The way to play it is actually easy, not much skill needed even you are a beginner. You will be asked to choose your favourite character which is classified in different classes. The highest level is Grade SS. In that grade, you can only play a few characters only, they are Hokage 3, SP Obito, Madara, Hashirama, Minato, Tobirama, Naruto, and Sasuke.

You will also be able to add combat power with the equipments which consist of weapon, helmet, clothes, and shoes. You can increase you power if only you have eough coins and refining store from the great ninja war. 

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Ninja hereos newest version

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Get and Claim Your Stamina

Do not forget about the daily event. Everyday you can claim to get your stamina. By having more stamina, you will be easier to level up and complete the stage.

Ninja Heroes Mod Apk Mega Mod Features:

• Infinite silver dan gold coins
• inf energy
• VIP 1-12 avilable

This game is highly recommended for those who love RPG game and Naruto Characters. So no more waiting, grab it now!

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Ninja Heroes Mod Apk Free Download

Ninja Heroes 1.7.7 Mod Apk MEGA MOD + GOLD For Android

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