Cooking Dash Mod Apk 2016 V1.22.10 Unlimited Money/Gold/Coins

Cooking Dash Mod Apk 2016 V1.22.10 – If you have ever play game in your computer named Diner Dash, you will find both games are similar. Yes this game is actually about anything related Dining room. This game is originally released on play store, yes it is a game for Android. But now, I will share the mod apk version, means modification type. 

cooking dash android game

By having this mod apk file, it is possible for you to get unlimited money, unlimited gold, and coins. This is all will be possible after you download the file I attach at the end of this post. If you want to know much about this strategy game, you can also read the reviews below.

Cooking Dash Mod Apk 2016 V1.22.10 For Android

Game Overview

Admin sure you're in the know about the game diner dash, and is now available for android. How to play the game is not much different from its PC verai game. You will be served as a waiter who will perform tasks in the restaurant. These tasks are quite a lot, including making the food (while you can not hire a chef), delivering food to customers and dishwashing customers. There will be some obstacles that you must pass to be able to finish this game. You will be given some buildings with dozens of stages required for you to complete to move on to the next building. In each stage you need to perform your tasks well to get five stars. Due to the opening of the building you have to collect more stars to unlock the next building. Gameplay is still a two-dimensional game, tudak much different from its predecessor on the PC. Even so hunters diner dash game for android will definitely continue to play this game with their expertise who ever played this game on the PC. How to play this game you just have to press the items would you make or you deliver to the customer. Suppose if there are customers who order food, you simply press the material to be made and press the stove to set it up. After that the food would be to wait for a timer that is on the stove. Once cooked you can just press the food was prepared and pressed customers who order it. Then to wash the dishes you just have to press a plate of food customers Laulu former press washes dishes. If you can do a good service to customers and clearing tables of customers with clean and you will get five stars and collect them to open a new building.

cooking dash Mod Apk game

cooking dash Unlimited gold

Cooking Dash Mod Apk 2016 V1.22.10 Game Features:

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Cooking Dash Mod Apk 2016 V1.22.10 Free Download

Cooking Dash Mod Apk 2016 V1.22.10 Unlimited Money/Gold/Coins

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