Zombie Road Trip Mod Apk V3.17 Unlimited Money / Coins

Zombie Road Trip Mod Apk V3.17 – This game is very good for you to play when you feel bored. The graphic is nice and the story is also interesting. In this strategy game you will be given a car and you must drive and run from zombie that is hunting you. Besides amazing, this game also a little bit scarry.

Zombie Road Trip android game

This is android game, where you can get from Playstore for the original file. But here you I am sharing with you the modification / modded version which is familiar as Mod Apk file. By download it, you will be able to get unlimited money / coins and brains. What I share here is the latest version of Mod Apk.

Zombie Road Trip Mod Apk V3.17 Latest Version For Android

Game Overview

As per the title of this game is a game where we had to run away by car from the pursuit of zombies with through streets filled with zombies as our barrier. In this game, we are required to escape from the pursuit of zombies who will always be ready to eat our brains, if to catch ya respectfully. "Wih, yes very scary game", is that what you think? If yes means you are wrong, why? Because in this game is not on the show is too sadistic scene as a zombie who was eating the brain or unpacking the human body. when we were caught by a mob of zombies we are only covered by the mob just went out writing that sucks is "game over". So, do not ya scary zombie game road trip, so do not judge this game first before you mainin! How to play the game is also quite easy anyway. In addition there are only three buttons when the game taking place, that flip back button (the car did roll back), front filp (car roll forward) and pressing the button anywhere to fire a weapon. Before starting this game you are required to choose attribute before the war against the zombies (ceilah), attributes that you can select variations of cars, weapons and gadgets (relief goods). 

Zombie Road Trip modded link

Zombie Road Trip unlimited brains

Zombie Road Trip New Version

Zombie Road Trip Mod Apk game

To choose a car I suggest choose the most expensive, because in addition to fast most expensive car is also longer melayangnya in the air, so the level of being caught by the zombies more down. To select a weapon, pilihlag the coolest menirutmu aja deh, because if any weapon again nembakin zombie certainly one hit deh (one shot dead). Now for gadgets, choose the gadget that you in need, do not adventurous. Although everything is in cheat but I suggest not to buy the best continuously, so that we in playing the zombie game road trip did not get bored quickly. In Popularity hand, this game is not very well known, but the game is actually very much. the number of downloads in the play store which reaches 10 million downloads to make this game quite attractive to users android. Game you can install it for free today only display two-dimensional display, even so the game is very tense and exciting.

Zombie Road Trip Mod Apk V3.17 Game Features:

  • 5 landscapes with distinct look
  • 34 unique cars
  • 8 add ons
  • Dynamic zombie demolition engine
  • Spin bonus
  • And Many More
Mod: Money / coins , Unlimited Brains

More info: Google Play

Zombie Road Trip Mod Apk V3.17 Free Download

Zombie Road Trip Mod Apk V3.17 Unlimited Money / Coins

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