Battle Towers Mod Apk V2.9.8 Unlimited Money, Gems, Gold

Battle Towers Mod Apk - Hello good people, Now I am going to share an android battle game named Battle Towers which is so challenging to play. What I share here is Mod Apk file, means it has been modded or modified then you will be able to get unlimited money, gems, and gold. This apk is the latest version, V2.9.8 which is available for free download.
Battle towers for android

Battle Towers Mod Apk Latest Version for Android

Game Description

Battle Towers is like a mini version of the strategy game Warcraft. In this game you will build a few buildings, build a tower of protection, preparing the troops, and stormed the headquarters of the enemy to shreds. But there are some new elements in this game are simplified to fit played on mobile gadgets. You will be given a main building and several smaller buildings when the game Battle Towers MOD APK Unlimited Coin Gems began like tower and cottages use to produce food. Battle Towers in the game you can not build anywhere you want, this makes it different from other RTS games. There is a particular place in a limited number where you can build. Usually there are 5-7 spot, so you simply select themselves want to build more cottages so the sooner buy many troops or build towers to defend from enemy attack. This selection is part of the strategy in playing this game. For Containing can say is not great, you can see the enemy just a few tens of centimeters with a relatively similar configuration. apk mod games Battle Towers also did not have a lot of type of building and the type of fighter that is much more simple it fit for the size of the mobile game. To build a collection of fighter you just tap the picture fighter in the bottom of the screen, so you tap the fighters will go into the main castle waiting for the command you to attack. 

Battle towers mod apk download

Battle towers unlimited money

You can use the attack button tap is at the top of the screen to attack the enemy, tap once then all the troops will attack enemy bases. You can tap on enemy buildings to give priority to the fighters. This fighter will first attack the building that you tap. Battle Towers is unique to the system of day and night. If during the day you will be more powerful forces and vice versa in the evening the enemy forces will be stronger so that it makes a pattern of attack and defense in the game. You will still get the gold despite losing a mission in Battle Towers MOD APK Unlimited Coin Gems. This gold you can use to upgrade the building permanently, this upgrade includes defese, speed of production and others. Battle Towers 3D graphics are pretty standard, unremarkable and no detail. Advantages of the game is that you can rotate the camera 360 degrees including the height, zoom in and zoom out. This gives you better control to see the troops.

Battle Towers Mod Apk Game Features 

Battle towers game features modded

Battle Towers Mod Apk Game Details
  • Game Version: V2.9.8
  • Android Version: 3.0 and above
  • Mod: Unlimited Money, gems, gold
  • More Info: Google Play

Battle Towers Mod Apk Unlimited Money Free Download

Battle Towers Mod Apk V2.9.8 Unlimited Money, Gems, Gold

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