Big Hero 6 Bot Fight Mod Apk V2.67 Unlimited Money + Attack + Damage

Big Hero 6 Bot Fight Mod Apk - Hello buddy, In this good opportunity I will share to you an android puzzle game named Big Hero 6 Bot Fight which is interesting to play in your leisure time. What you need to know is that what I share here is Mod Apk file, What is it? It is a modded or modified version. By downloading this kind of file on your android device, you will be able to get unlimited money, attack, damage. And this apk is the latest version ever released, it is V2.67 and available for free download. Get it and hopefully you enjoy the game.

Big Hero bot fight mod android

Big Hero 6 Bot Fight Mod Apk Latest Version for Android

Game Description

Game Big Hero 6 is a game adaptation of Disney feature films that have the same title. match-3 game mechanics seem similar to the game Puzzles & Dragon but packed with style robots visualization movie Big Hero 6. This is a game Mod apk battledengan card that carries a blend of match-3 puzzle fun in terms of presentation. In this game you will duel against various robot consists of three types of elements, namely robot thermal (fire) has a red color, robot hydro (water) in blue, and bio (natural) green. All three are the three essential elements that intersect each other. Eg hydro strong face thermal element, then the effective thermal face berelemen bio robots, and vice versa. With these three elements, you will be given a slot to accommodate several options of robots that have the attributes and scarcity (rarity) withdrawal card game battle. Starting from a robot that has a type common, uncommon, and others. Because they android game Big Hero 6 Bot Fight mod is a game that emphasizes more match-3 puzzle elements in it, then the calculation of the attributes of "cards" are too common robot is not at issue here too.

Big Hero bot fight mod apk latest version

Big Hero bot fight unlimited money

The main one is how do we kill the opponent with a combo attack barrage, by matching each tile element of your robot sequentially. Your task during combat that match each chunk of tile is lined up around the game board. all the action earlier, you will be given a health meter to race against the enemy's turn calculations that will hurt you too long if we play turn. So you have to be very clever in balancing the tile which is suitable to attack the enemy, and when to heal themselves by matching tile pictorial heart. If successful health enemy you kill, you will win. However, if the enemy is able to reduce your health until exhausted, then you've already lost, and the fight ends. And you have to repeat the level of game Big Hero 6 Bot Fight Mod Apk Unlimited Money from the outset.

Big Hero 6 Bot Fight Mod Apk Game Details

  • Game Version: V2.67
  • Android Version: 3.0 and above
  • Mod: Unlimited Money, Attack, high damage
  • More Info: Play Mob

Big Hero 6 Bot Fight Mod Apk Unlimited Money Free Download

Big Hero 6 Bot Fight Mod Apk V2.67 Unlimited Money + Attack + Damage

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