Bike Rivals Mod Apk V1.5.2 Unlimited Lives [Unlocked All)

Bike Rivals Mod Apk V1.5.2 – Here I will share to you guys an Android Racing Game. What I share here is the mod apk file, means it is not original anymore but modded or modification version. Through this modified file, you will be possible to get unlimited Lives and unlock everything. This is a good news because you don’t need much effort to achieve that. And this mod apk is the latest version, it is V1.5.2 and it is totally free download for you. Just install it on your Android mobile and enjoy the game.

Bike Rivals V1.5.2 for android

Bike Rivals Mod Apk V1.5.2 Unlimited Lives for Android

Game Overview
Bike Rivals is a game genre that is almost like Trials Frontier. Bike Rivals have played the same concept that you will become a stuntman riding a motorcycle with the main task of conquering levels with unorthodox platform. Various obstacles in front of you in various forms and you are required to balance the bike in order to reach the finish line quickly because no time is racing with you. In Bike Rivals you will find the type of control is quite complex because you have to deal with touch and tilt controls simultaneously. Touch itself is used as the gas so that the motor can be darted forward, while the tilt control can be used to balance the motor when it is in the air or it could also create a style like backflip or frontflip. In addition, of course, you will also find various types of motorcycles with a better for you to buy. The multiplayer mode is also provided to make the game more colorful addition to the single player mode that is definitely not going to miss you Bike Rivals Android is fairly intense game, you are required to be the fastest to earn 3 stars on each level are provided. Bike Rivals presents a variety of actions are very funny, especially when failing to finish the arena, various traps also await you if it made it to the finish line.

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Bike Rivals V1.5.2 free download

Bike Rivals V1.5.2 Mod Apk game

Bike Rivals V1.5.2 Unlimited coins

Bike Rivals V1.5.2 Unlock all

Bike Rivals Mod Apk V1.5.2 Game Details:

  • Game Version: V1.5.2
  • Andriod Version 3.0 and above
  • Mod: Lives and Unlock everything
More info: Google Play

Bike Rivals Mod Apk V1.5.2 Unlimited Lives Free Download

Bike Rivals Mod Apk V1.5.2 Unlimited Lives [Unlocked All)

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