Call of Duty®: Heroes Mod Apk V2.8.1 [Mod High Damage]

Call of Duty®: Heroes Mod Apk - Hello good people, this time I will share an Android Action Game, named Call of Duty. This game is now going up in Playstore, it because the amazing display, features, and the story of this game. What I will share to you here is the Mod Apk file, means it has been modified or modded, so it is not the original anymore. What it's been modded for? It is intended to get high damage easily. And the game I share here is the latest version, V2.8.1 which is available for free download. You can tell your friends if you want.  

call of duty heroes for android

Call of Duty®: Heroes Mod Apk Latest Version for Android

Game Overview

Call of Duty: Heroes is a simulation-style game Clash of Clan, if usually eri game call of duty is a FPS, then the time series are the games Call of Duty® style Clash of Clan. innovation brought by the best android game Call of Duty Heroes is very interesting, with a new genre CoD players out there shall try to play a game of this series, especially for avid CoD took him to play in online multiplayer mode. In this game buddy find some element of CoD example, the term Killstreak, drone strikes, care package, as well as assorted other CoD jargon that often adorn the game screen buddy on the big screen before. 

call of duty heroes latest version

call of duty heroes mod damage

call of duty heroes mod apk game

In Call of Duty: Heroes® buddies will build military bases mate with a variety of defense and also soldiers drawn from the world of Call of Duty®. my friend will see some characters such as Captain Price, Soap, or Harper. The characters' hero'ini also will have a special skill and can level up along pal play. buddy will also find many other distinctive elements Besides the characters are drawn from the world of Call of Duty® like killstreak (UAV, drone strikes, and care packages) up to drive a helicopter and shoot the enemy base with a rail-gun.

Call of Duty®: Heroes Mod Apk Game Details:

  • Game Version: V2.8.1
  • Android Version: 3.0 and above
  • Mod: High damage
  • More Info: Google Play

Call of Duty®: Heroes Mod Apk High Damage Free download

Call of Duty®: Heroes Mod Apk V2.8.1 [Mod High Damage]

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