Slingshot Racing Mod Apk V1.3.3.4 Unlocked All Levels

Slingshot Racing Mod Apk - Hello good people, Now I am going to share an android racing game named Slingshot Racing which is so challenging to play. What I share here is Mod Apk file, means it has been modded or modified then you will be able to unlock all levels. This apk is the latest version, V1.3.3.4 which is available for free download.

slinghot racing for android

Slingshot Racing Mod Apk Latest Version for Android

Game Description

Slingshot Racing is a racing game is very exciting and has more control brilian.Sama As a key game in general, in this game you car automatically move forward but will not turn to follow the path. In the folder there will be some sort of point that has a rotating tower, if you are already located near the tower, you can do a tap of the screen you and tower will issue some sort of rope attached to the car. With this car you can rotate and also build momentum style to go faster. If you loose your tap then the rope will also be detached, easy does not it? Which became the best racing game challenge in this is to maintain the momentum to continue racing car quickly. After you play a map a few times you will memorize the location of the tower and also may be aware that you do not need to use the whole tower which will accelerate the car you. Key to this game is to build sustainable momentum motion and kept on track in. Slingshot Racing Mod Apk Unlocked Levels has several modes of play, such as the mode of a kind of time trial where you have to reach a certain time to get a bolt that is used to open the race the other, the faster the more bolt (maximum of 3), mode of his next race with the enemy where our goal is be the first. The third mode and one of the most innovative fashion that chomp mode. Chomp mode is a combination of endurance with elimination. You will start with three competitors and one automobile shredder in this mode. Car crusher will take a car that is within attacked. So you must be very careful not to make mistakes.

slinghot racing mod apk latest version

slinghot racing unlocked all modded

She exclaimed that if competitors also did not make a mistake then there will not be eaten, this is where you can do a little nasty with you so that your competitors crashed car will hit and be eaten by this Chomper. Mode last and perhaps the most difficult is the mode where you have to collect the scattered streets bolt within a certain time. It can be very difficult because you do not directly control the distance between the car kesisi road. So the timing is very, very important here. This game has no perks and upgrades, all the cars here will have the same speed. This is a game where pure skill will determine success. Not just the single player mode consists of 64 races, Slingshot Racing has a multiplayer mode. Slingshot Racing Mod Apk Unlocked Levels pretty good, During game play feels smooth and smoothly without lagging. Slingshot Racing is a racing game that is fun and different games similar top-down racing because you will control the car in a unique way.

Slingshot Racing Mod Apk Game Features 

slinghot racing modded details
Game Details
  • Game Version: V1.3.3.4
  • Android Version: 3.0 and above
  • Mod: Unlocked levels
  • More Info: Google Play

Slingshot Racing Mod Apk Unlocked levels Free Download

Slingshot Racing Mod Apk V1.3.3.4 Unlocked All Levels

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