Zenonia 5 Mod Apk No Root Version

Zenonia 5 Mod Apk No Root – This is Action an RPG game for android. What I will share here is mod apk file which is no root required and new version. There are so many features in this game. The version of this game is V1.2.1 By having this game on your android, it is easier for you to get unlimited Zen, gold etc and no root needed. Many people have tried this mod apk and the result is satisfying. Moreover, it is available for free download. 

Zenonia 5 mod apk no root game

Zenonia 5 Mod Apk No Root For Android

Game Overview

Surely you're so-so wait for this one game. I waited until he had finished completely new game to write this review because Zenonia is one of the best free RPG series and I wanted to get a feel for the whole. So let's see what's on offer Zenonia 5. Like the previous games Zenonia, Zenonia 5 is about the struggle of the hero in the nation to crush the devil. The game's story takes place several hundred years after Regret in Zenonia 4 Shaturu defeat the Dark Lord. After Dark Lord outdone, the remaining demons escape to a secluded place for a moment to take revenge on the human race. After a few hundred years while people increasingly greedy for power and wealth, the nation of increasingly more powerful demons began to attack back in the human world. Here your duty as a hero, yes defeating the demon leader of the nation. Glance around the storyline of each Zenonia series something like hell, the only difference being how the hero of the nation against the devil. What I regret is that the story in this game is too linear. Even if you are given the freedom to choose 4 different characters, but all four of the characters have the same story. Yes, if in Zenonia 4 does not issue the same story because the character is also just one. Here there are four figures, but has the same story. Now if it had been on the side of the story now from the gameplay and the quality of this game. Ga not you doubt me, this game was really steady. Jauhhh graphics sharper than the Zenonia 4. 

Zenonia 5 mod apk no root new version

How to play the game is still the same with Zenonia 4 and also KRPG in general so I'm not going to explain more about the core gameplay. In Zenonia 5 PvPnya mode feels more lively and challenging than the prequel. Why do I say challenging? First, there is a better AI. In Zenonia 4 enemies tend to run toward us and how to defeat it simply by issuing a trap in front of you stand. But if you are here, your enemies can use the detour and avoid the pitfalls that you have set up. On the plus and also reward points that you get after PvP, making me sometimes prefer to play PvP rather than completing the storyline. Just yes, big quality come with big cost, this game is quite heavy when played on the iPad 2. If I minimize game and reopen it, sometimes Zenonia 5 like lag or no voice parts are missing, to make him normal again, I had to restart the game. Now gamers might also ask whether the game is "Freemium" as well as prequel? The answer is yes. The Zenonia 5 more items that you can buy using ZEN (paid in the currency of this game). From the start stat, skill, item chest, even the cool avatars that can only be purchased using the ZEN. But you do not be afraid. Gamevil often exclude events with prizes ZEN's free. So if you want to be patient and diligent follow the events of Gamevil, you can also really get a cool avatar that you want. In overall this game is quite perfect, quality is more perfect than its predecessor, more challenging PvP system, new items are cool and many other cool things that you can get in this game.

Zenonia 5 Mod Apk No Root Game Details:

  • Version: V1.2.1
  • Android: 4.0 and above
  • Mod: Zen, gold, stats, and more
  • More Info: Google Play
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Zenonia 5 Mod Apk No Root Free Download

Zenonia 5 Mod Apk No Root Version

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