Dragon Seekers Mod Apk V1.56 Unlimited Money

Dragon Seekers Mod Apk - Hello everyone, in this chance I would like to tell a review and also share to you an android RPG game called Dragon Seekers. This game is pretty cool and has good rating in Playstore. I am not giving you original file like what you get from Playstore but it is Mod Apk file, It means that the file has been modded or modified by someone out there. By downloading and having this kind of file on your mobile phone, especially android operating system, you will be able to get unlimited money. For your information that this file is the latest version ever released, it is V1.56. Now you can get it free download. Just enjoy every step of the game!

Dragon seekers for android

Dragon Seekers Mod Apk Latest Version for Android

Game Description

A unique RPG game glance makes one remember the game Final Fantasy Record Keeper some time ago. Game called Dragon Seekers artificial-Feel Good Company is an RPG game with social features, where you have to interact with three other players to live the single player quest. The early part of the game Dragon Seekers Mod Apk Unlimited Money later you'll be asked to create a character to explore the world of Dragon Seekers. Your character will interact in the world of asynchronous continuous running, where when you're not playing, the other characters would use the character as a member of their party, and vice versa.
You can choose four classes of characters. Namely As a Cleric can heal other party members were injured. Warrior serves as a tanker and attacking character with the biggest damage. Mage to issue the strongest magic, and lastly, the Thief character to take the loot from the opponent you beat.

Dragon seekers mod apk latest version

Dragon seekers unlimited money

The existence of the group consist of four members of the party is the focus of the game Dragon Seekers. By forming the group consist of four people from a variety of different classes, you can explore a dungeon manually or automatically where the computer was the one who would take over the game to the full.
Dragon Seekers game mod game is not much different from other mobile RPG with turn-based game in the style of Final Fantasy classics. each character's abilities will have a turn that you have to wait before they can use it. You just stay undergo a tap on the party members and select one of the skills they have when their turn arrives. Another interesting thing that I encountered in the game Dragon Seekers Mod Apk Unlimited Money is a social feature that is designed as closely as possible with Twitter. In Dragon Seekers you can follow the activities of other players to follow features, and you too have a special timeline to see who the players are using the character in their group.

Dragon Seekers Mod Apk Game Details

  • Game Version: V1.56
  • Android Version: 3.0 and above
  • Mod: Unlimited Money
  • More Info: Play Mob

Dragon Seekers Mod Apk Unlimited Money Free Download

Dragon Seekers Mod Apk V1.56 Unlimited Money

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