Oddwings Escape Mod Apk V1.9.2 Unlimited Money, Coins + Keys

Oddwings Escape Mod Apk - Hello game lovers, through this post I will be sharing to you an android action game called Oddwings Escape. This game is really addicting and also interesting to play in your free time. I am not giving you original file like what you get from Playstore but it is Mod Apk file, What it means? It is a modded or modified version. By downloading and having this kind of file on your mobile phone, especially android operating system, you will be able to get unlimited money, coins and keys. For your information that this file is the latest version ever released, it is V1.9.2. Now you can get it free download. Just enjoy every step of the game!

Oddwings escape for android

Oddwings Escape Mod Apk Latest Version for Android

Game Description

Looks like birds were flying around the world want mobile games. If some time ago the game Angry Birds 2 has been released and managed to earn one million downloads in one hour, it now appears the birds unique and strange that want to enliven mobile games in Oddwings Escape. This is a game runner, more precisely flyer. You have to guide the bird in order to complete the missions in a stage to reach the finish line. There are a lot of obstacles that you face, such as bombs and terrain up and down. There are at least eight beautiful bird, unique and funny that you'll collect here. Each bird has special powers, except the first bird named Frankie. They also can you upgrade in order to have the speed, energy, turns and magnetic coin better.
In Oddwings game Escape Mod Apk Unlimited Money this, you will need energy to later be able to fly in Oddwings Escape is just like in the game LINE Cookie Run. To be able to continue the flight, you must pick up items scattered on stage liver. When the energy runs out, then the bird will fall limp.

Oddwings escape mod apk latest version

Oddwings escape unlimited money

There is a stage that has many variations on this Escape Oddwings. There is one main stage in any area where you have more far reaching targets farther away in order to open another stage. Another smaller stage itself has a special mission as must complete the stage within a specified time, should not be exposed to the bomb at all, and so forth. If you succeed in the mission, then you can get a star. The more stars are achieved (maximum of three), so the more coins earned to upgrade the character. In addition to the coin, there are also items such as keys scattered on the main stage to unlock more characters. In terms of graphics in the game Oddwings Escape Mod Apk Unlimited Money provides a charming environment. It is quite exciting game and spoil the eye to fill your spare time

Oddwings Escape Mod Apk Game Details

  • Game Version: V1.9.2
  • Android Version: 3.0 and above
  • Mod: Unlimited Money, coins, keys
  • More Info: Google Play

Oddwings Escape Mod Apk Unlimited Money Free Download

Oddwings Escape Mod Apk V1.9.2 Unlimited Money, Coins + Keys

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