Winter Fugitives Mod Apk V1.5 Unlimited Money

Winter Fugitives Mod Apk - Hello everyone, in this chance I would like to tell a review and also share to you an android adventure game called Winter Fugitives. This game is pretty cool and has good rating in Playstore. I am not giving you original file like what you get from Playstore but it is Mod Apk file, It means that the file has been modded or modified by someone out there. By downloading and having this kind of file on your mobile phone, especially android operating system, you will be able to get unlimited money. For your information that this file is the latest version ever released, it is V1.5. Now you can get it free download. Just enjoy every step of the game!

Winter fugitives for android

Winter Fugitives Mod Apk Latest Version for Android

Game Description

As the saying goes There are many roads lead to Rome, but is there any way to exit out of jail? You can find the answer yourself in this game Winter Fugitives .you here is a prisoner who is smart, who could find a way out of the prison in the winter. Discover the best way to skulk blurred, or give a surprise attack on the guards, or bribe them with money that you find along the prison. Not only vague alone, you will also free other prisoners that you see along the road blurred. We know a fugitive was not bad. crept out without having seen or caught by the enforcement of justice. Winter Fugitive, is a mobile game with stealth theme that tells the story of a fugitive trying to escape from a remote prison in an island. Winter Fugitives Mod Apk Unlimited Money who have a story of a prisoner who tried to escape from prison. Before you can actually breathe free air, you have to pass through various obstacles and custody of the prison guards who patrolled along the escape route.

Winter fugitives mod apk latest version

Winter fugitives unlimited money

At the beginning of the game start mod apk, you're out with friends the other fugitives has made a plan to escape from prison. You should pursue other fugitives who had already run the plan. Like a ninja, you will run without getting caught by moving past the cracks in the walls that restrict the view keeper.
You must attack the guards or even bribe them occasionally in order to execute the escape plan. In addition, if there is one friend fugitives are caught, you can release them and obtain important information related to plan their escape. Gameplay of  Winter Fugitives Mod Apk Unlimited Money combines elements endless runner with stealth. This mod game at first glance looks like PAC-MAN 256 that is on top. The difference, Winter Fugitives offer stealth action that is more complex with a variety of tricks that can be done runaway inmate.

Winter Fugitives Mod Apk Game Details

  • Game Version: V1.5
  • Android Version: 3.0 and above
  • Mod: Unlimited Money
  • More Info: Google Play

Winter Fugitives Mod Apk Unlimited Money Free Download

Winter Fugitives Mod Apk V1.5 Unlimited Money

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